Wastewater treatment a top priority at LANXESS

Specialty Chemicals Group sets global benchmarks for 
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As LANXESS sees it, conserving natural resources – for example through the most efficient possible use of raw materials and energies – and achieving cuts in emissions and waste are an ongoing mission, an inherent part of the Group’s environmental obligations and expertise on a global scale. The production site in Wuxi, China, for example, has received no less than 14 awards for its exemplary environmental standards. LANXESS was the first company to be crowned an “environmentally friendly company” by China’s environmental authorities in 2004. A year later it was presented with the Chinese government’s highly coveted prize for ecologically responsible production. Its innovative treatment of wastewater has been a key factor in this regard. Here are a few examples:

Benchmark plant in Wuxi, China

Preservatives used for cleaning vessels for chemical reactions cut the wastewater at LANXESS’s site in Wuxi significantly. Water consumption has been reduced by more than 80 percent. Wastewater per metric ton of product has also been lowered by 55 percent.

Shining example of eco-friendly production in Jinshan

The Inorganic Pigments facility in Jinshan, China, which was opened in 2007, is a shining example of environmentally friendly production. The iron oxide plant for manufacturing color pigments is one of the first in China equipped with an ultra-modern wastewater plant that is directly linked to the industrial water treatment facility. LANXESS saved over 30 percent in energy costs in 2007 thanks to its innovative technology. The Specialty chemicals Group also saved 1,000 to 1,500 cubic meters of water each month by recycling the cooling water.

Cutting-edge treatment technology in India 

From 2010, LANXESS will be the only western company in India supplying the local tire market with rubber chemicals, which it will do from its new Jhagadia production facility. The new plant boasts state-of-the-art green technology. Wastewater is thoroughly pre-cleaned before it is released into the large treatment plant at the Jhagadia Chemical Park. This process takes place in a separate, ultra-modern LANXESS treatment plant and ensures that all used water is already close to drinking water quality when it leaves the company premises. It is then treated again at the chemical park’s own treatment plant. LANXESS is also currently constructing a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility in Jhagadia for producing ion exchange resins to the same high environmental standards. 

At Nagda in India, facilities at the LANXESS site collect wastewater from the residential areas of the region, clean it and transport it – although not in drinkable form – back to the city for further use. The Group received an ICC award for this exemplary process in December 2009.

LANXESS invests in the environment in La Wantzenau, France

LANXESS has invested EUR 5.5 million in improved wastewater treatment at its plant in La Wantzenau in France, where synthetic rubbers are produced. Since it opened in 2006, the plant has optimized the quality of wastewater, cutting the amount of suspended particles by around 40 percent.

Less wastewater in Brazil as a result of process optimization

LANXESS has cut the volume of wastewater, and therefore also wastewater treatment costs, in the production of iron oxide pigments at Porto Feliz in Brazil through innovative process optimization and implementation of the “Retro Washing Project”. This has resulted in less waste, fewer raw materials and less water – this new level of economy is kind to the environment and more cost-effective. Water consumption has fallen by around 50 percent since 2004 and the amount of waste generated is down by roughly 40 percent. A positive side-effect of this is that operating costs have also fallen significantly, while further improvements have been seen in productivity and product quality. The water saved enables around 12,000 households in Porto Feliz to be supplied with water for a whole year. The site has several certifications for its green production methods.

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 6.58 billion in 2008 and currently about 14,600 employees in 23 countries. The company is represented at 46 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the 

development, manufacturing and marketing of plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals.

Leverkusen, January 21, 2010


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