Singapore Celebrates ‘Chemistry – Our Life, Our Future’ in the International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Singapore, 9 March 2011 – The International Year of Chemistry 2011, (IYC 2011) is an initiative of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The objective of this year long celebration is to increase public appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs and to generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry. The celebration also coincides with the 100th year anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Madame Marie Curie, which allows the showcase of contributions of women in science and chemistry.

Championing these international celebrations in Singapore, the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) is proud to host several talks throughout the year under the theme, ‘Chemistry - our life, our future.’ As to the importance of IYC, Mr Terence Koh, Executive Director of SCIC, said, “The series of talks organized to celebrate IYC serve to increase the public’s appreciation for Chemistry in improving our daily lives and also the importance of the Chemical Industry, being one of the key pillars of the Singapore economy.”

With the support of industry members and government bodies such as the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), SCIC will be organizing four half-day talks, which will culminate in a Symposium towards the end of the year. The talks will address topics such as the ‘World of Chemicals & how they affect our daily lives’, ‘Responsible Care and the Industry’s Commitment to Sustainability’ ‘The Importance of Chemical Industry to our economy’, and many more.

Through these talks and Symposium, along with various ongoing school and community outreach programmes, SCIC hopes to reach approximately 12,000 people to bring them into the spectacular world of Chemistry.

To provide a holistic picture to the public, SCIC will be actively engaging the government bodies, industry players as well as the academia to participate in the year long events lined up to celebrate IYC 2011.

The first talk in this series was inaugurated yesterday afternoon at the Republic Polytechnic by Guest of Honour Mr Julian Ho, Assistant Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board. Addressing the audience during the talk, Mr Julian Ho said, “Chemistry continues to transform the world.

Singapore, being a Global Chemicals Hub, aims to be a significant contributor in this transformation. In doing so, it will provide many exciting job opportunities for our young in research and development, manufacturing as well as business management.” The audience comprised of students throughout Singapore as well as some members of the community. More than 300 participants attended this talk which covered topics such as the ‘World of Chemicals and how they affect our daily lives’ and ‘Importance of Chemical Industry to our Economy.’

Kicking start the series of talks was LANXESS, the specialty chemicals manufacturer. Presenting on the World of Chemicals and their effects on our daily lives, the sharing highlighted the importance of chemistry in keeping our lives intact and pointed out the materials that we use daily which require chemical compositions within to function or to even exist. The presentation also highlighted the social and economic contributions that chemistry has been making through innovations and breakthroughs. These have in turn offered green solutions to our society that has help minimize the impact of climate changes and other environmental challenges. Students at the session were also given a glimpse into career paths and professional development options available within the robust field of chemicals.

Commenting on LANXESS participation at the talk, Ms Kaye Lim, LANXESS’ Vice President of Corporate Communications for the Asia Pacific region said, “Engaging the student community is not new for LANXESS. We believe that the key to sustainable growth lies in human resources, hence the best way to address future challenges is through supporting the development of tomorrow’s scientists and the chemical workforce. This opportunity to interact with our youth is therefore highly valued by LANXESS. Aside from encouraging youth to take up a career path in the field of chemistry, LANXESS also supports the development of talent amongst youth. One such initiative is the LANXESS Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO) CLASSIC series which will be staging their second concert on 21 April.”

The LANXESS SNYO CLASSIC is a musical series that has been introducing world-renowned maestros as mentors to the SNYO.

About the Singapore Chemical Industry Council Limited (SCIC)
The SCIC is the official body representing the chemical industry of Singapore in the private sector. Its membership comprises key multinationals, small and medium enterprises, as well as logistics/services providers and traders.